Portuguese trio play Moth Club on Nov 8th as part of 50+ date of Mexico, the UK and Europe

At long last, the Russos are back!  Over two years on from their second full-length Distress Distress and a year from their mind-blowing collab effort with Radar Men From The Moon, Porto-based outfit are now announcing their much-anticipated third album. Titled ‘Kompromat’, the new LP is comprised of five songs – don’t worry, they’re naturally all at least seven-minutes long – and is due for release November 8th. To announce the album, 10 000 Russos are today sharing the first single ‘Runnin’ Escapin’’; a track that’s just as, if not more, distorted, malevolent and repetitive as what we’ve all come to know and love from this lot. You can stream the single and pre-order the new album below.

Taking its name from the Soviet-era Russian term for ‘compromising material’ (the words earliest use traces back to KGB slang) that was gathered on politicians and business owners as leverage to blackmail and coerce, the monolithic drones heard on ‘Kompromat’ hint at a two-fold revolution – a subconscious upheaval, as well as a socio-political one. 10 000 Russos say of the record: “Like all of our work, the songs started from jams and were worked from there but this record feels fatter and has this kind of dance-y vibe to it. Unlike ‘Distress Distress’ it feels like there is a sense of release there, despite the oppressive feeling that runs through a lot of the album.” Keeping with that theme, they explain that ‘Runnin’ Escapin’ is about “random unpredictable situations” and the volatility inherent in them, something that’s borne out as the song unfolds throughout its running time. 

The band are currently out on a huge 50+ date tour that’ll see them stop in Mexico, the UK and mainland Europe. You can find the tour-dates below, as well as a pre-order link for ‘Kompromat’.