Here’s a round-up of the latest non-Fuzz Club vinyl added to our store this month…

Earlier this month, Swedish psych monoliths Goat released, ‘Let it Burn’, their first offering since 2016’s ‘Requiem’ LP. The track is an enchanting, fuzzed-out workout that sees the masked troupe amp up their lysergic psychedelic motifs tenfold to create a truly mesmerising piece of work that could be their finest to date. The 7” is up in our store ahead of its official release May 25th. On top of that, there’s also a new 12” single from the ever-prolific Brian Jonestown Massacre – ‘Hold That Thought’ and the B-side ‘Drained’ offering a taste of the TWO albums Anton is going to be putting out this year!

Leeds noisenik’s Hookworms are having quite the year, aren’t they? Their new album, ‘Negative Space’, has left the band with pretty remarkable praise across the board for its refreshing synth-driven psych pop sound, delivered with the same motorik pulse the band have been busy honing throughout their career. However, for those fancying a trip down memory lane, Gringo Records have recently reissued the band’s self-titled debut which offers a darker exercise in the droning psych-rock that made the band so revered in the first place. You can pick it up below.

As well as the Goat 7”, some more gems from our friends at Rocket Recordings include the new Bonnacons of Doom LP and the new long-player from Salford industrialists Gnod which, going off the first single ‘Donovan’s Daughters’, see’s the mythic collective at their most incendiary, volatile and forward-thinking. Not that you’d expect anything else from them, right?