Taken from Transmission Response, the debut album from Hákon Aðalsteinsson’s latest project

Following the recent release of ‘Transmission Response’, his debut solo album under the electronics-focussed Diagram moniker, Hákon Aðalsteinsson (who also plays in The Third Sound and The Brian Jonestown Massacre) is today releasing a new video for ‘All Night’, originally taken from the debut album. You can stream watch the video below.

A departure from Hakon’s more rock-oriented work, Hakon’s first album as Diagram was inspired by “the minimalism of Suicide, Chrome and 70s German electronica, as well as the film music of Angelo Badalamenti and John Carpenter.” The industrial synth-pop on display during ‘All Night’, now released with an accompanying video, shows exactly that. Hákon says of the song: “It’s about being transfixed in a situation so you don’t feel like you are in control anymore, like driving down an endless straight road and even if you know you could stop if you wanted to there is something won’t let you.”

Originally hailing from Iceland, Hákon now resides in Berlin where’s he’s since debuted Diagram in a live setting. With a November German tour also in the works and set to be announced soon, the video for ‘All Night’ captures – albeit in a suitably disorientating and effects-laden way – Diagram’s first show in his new home-town. Talking about the video, he says: “The video for ‘All Night’ was shot at our very first show by our friend Daisy Rickman but the footage was then made into a video by Theo Taylor. It’s from the perspective of someone voyeuristically watching the footage during a late night drinking session.”

On how the Diagram project – which exists in a different world to his psych-rock-infused work as frontman of The Third Sound and live guitarist for BJM – came about, he continues: “In the beginning I had this one beat-up keyboard and limited knowledge of making electronic music so I was just learning as I went. As this was a process of exploration I ended up with around 40 song ideas before I even thought about making an album. After deciding I wanted to take things further I set upon the task of reworking all those ideas and cutting a lot of them to put together a record that worked as a whole, and ‘Transmission Response’ is the result.” Out now, you can buy Diagram’s debut album on vinyl below.


Diagram November Shows 2019
15th  Privat Club, Berlin (with A.S. Fanning)
25th  Urgence Disk Records, Geneva
26th Bands of Friends, Giessen
27th La Mine, Strasbourg
28th Die Börse, Wuppertal (with Motorama)
29th Blau/Der Mannheim Kult, Mannheim
30th Kohi, Karlsruhe (with Motorama)