On new video for ‘Germinal’ 10 000 Russos imagine an alternative soundtrack to Charlie Chaplin’s cult political satire Modern Times

Having recently put out a now sold-out collab album with RMFTM, Porto trio 10 000 Russos are back again with a new video for ‘Germinal’, the opening track of 2017’s Distress Distress. In the video, the bands dark, motorik rhythms and mechanical guitars soundtrack distorted and manipulated footage taken from Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 satirical classic Modern Times. The bands repetive, driving krautrock makes for a perfect soundtrack to a film that, even before the videos director Rodrigo Pereira had his way with it, perfectly depicts the almost-robotic monotony, precariousness and unrest that came with the rapid industrialisation of 1930s America.

The film is often lauded as having a striking relevance even today and when deconstructed and partnered with 10 000 Russos dystopian, industrial noise you’re left with something even more sinister and unsettling. Talking about the video, the director Rodrigo Pereira explains: “What I’m interested about in Modern Times as a future is it’s rebeliousness. One cannot confuse deconstruction with construction. Nothing in this video was constructed. The repetition, synthesis, the cut and change of speed are attempts at rebeling with these images that make us look like machines jammed in a faulty system.”