Glasgow’s Helicon have released ‘Seraph’ – the first single from their long-overdue debut album.

Led by a hypnotic sitar hook, ‘Seraph’ effortlessly transcends geographical barriers and produces a sound that’s truly unique in its dreamy, Eastern haze. It’s a brilliant rework of previously released track from an old split EP with Barcelona’s Celestial Bums, and you can stream it now.

Vocalist John-Paul Hughes explained the ideas behind the track: “A ‘Seraph’ is a sort of celestial being or guardian angel so I wanted the new version to feel more like that – warmer, gentler and more dreamy than the original. It’s now ‘sitar’ led on the main hook with a tanpura, vintage philicorda organ, harmonium, tron flutes and harmonized guitars complimenting the sitar on the melody while Seb’s found a lovely groove on the drums.”

‘Seraph’ is the perfect insight into what’s to come on the record. Much like it’s lead single, Helicon’s incredible debut album is a mesmerising collection of sprawling and expansive Eastern-sounding psych-rock, venturing across the ley-lines of psychedelia from their native Scotland to the sitar-led, opium-tainted sounds of India and the neo-psychedelic swoons of 90s San Francisco.

On their desire to create something truly different and impactful, John-Paul explains: “As our sound and line-up evolved over the years I felt the time was now finally right to make the commitment to doing the album people had been asking us for and we owed to ourselves. The album itself is inspired by our desire to create impact, to push back against the fucking dirge of contemporary popular music and dumbing down of society. It’s the same reason we formed the band, there’s no point in complaining about shit if you aren’t prepared to offer up an alternative.”

You can stream Seraph now and the album is available to pre-order from the store now!