Following 2017’s Our Mother Was A Plant, the Sicilian artist’s second LP, we
revit his otherworldly debut.

In May 2016, Sicilian multi-instrumentalist Gioele Valenti of Lay Llamas and Herself debuted a brand new project under the moniker of JuJu. Arriving with a self-titled debut comprised of seven tracks that spanned everything from krautrock, psych and post-punk to funk and prog, the record was not just one of the psych records of that year, but arguably the millenium. As The Quietus put it: “Along comes an artist who resets the coordinates and makes the past seem startling new again”.

As soon as we first laid our ears on JuJu’s rhythmic psychotropic sounds we’d have to work with Gioele one way or another and, sure enough, the following year he joined the Fuzz Club family for the follow-up LP Our Mother Was A Plant. With Our Mother on its second pressing and the debut (originally released on US imprint Sunrise Ocean Bender) long sold-out we thought we’d give the latter the FC treatment and reissue it for those that missed out first time around. The reissue, which sees the album remastered by James Plotkin and pressed on 180gm transparent yellow vinyl, is officially out now and limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies so don’t sleep on picking one up.

Talking about the record back in 2016, Gioele explains: “I wanted to develop some themes [from] the previous experience with Llamas… the link with Mother Earth, the theme of lysergic trip, symbols of Black Magic and a strange ancient grammelot that I call Ramanna. JuJu, besides being my personal point of view on the current Mediterranean exodus tragedy, of people and culture lost at sea, is even more of a solid tribute to the music I’ve always loved… Joy Division, Can, Neu!, Mercury Rev and many others.” You can pick up a copy of the album and watch the video for the dreamy psychedelic pop of ‘We Spit On Yer Grave’ below.