Sicilian artist continues to push boundaries on his third full-length, Maps and Territory’

JuJu is back with his third album, Maps And Territory, on May 31st and it sees the Sicilian multi-instrumentalist conjure a lysergic hybrid of psych-rock, afrobeat, jazz, Krautrock, new wave and Mediterranean folk. In support of the release, JuJu has shared a suitably-trippy video for lead single ‘I’m In Trance’ – you can check it out below.

Following collabs with Goat’s Capra Informis on JuJu’s last full-length (Our Mother Was A Plant), on ‘I’m In Trance’ we see Gioele collaborate with Goatman who, as well as playing in the prodigious Swedish psych collective of which he (almost) shares a name, also released his own solo album late last year that sounded like a twisted mix of Fela Kuti, Can and WITCH. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, what we’re left with out of this sublime meeting of minds is a gloriously dizzying concoction of African polyrhythms, sharp angular guitars, a warped psychotropic bassline and manipulated echo-laden vocals.

Gioele Valenti, the mastermind behind JuJu, is something of a psychedelic polymath. Prior to and alongside his work under the JuJu moniker he was a founding member of critically- acclaimed duo Lay Llamas (who toured across Europe with Goat), a live guitarist for Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation and he also continues to release music as Herself – under which he recently toured with Mercury Rev. Though, it’s without a doubt his work as JuJu that has been his main vehicle for exploring the outer-realms of psychedelia.

After putting out his highly-praised self-titled debut on US label Sunrise Ocean Bender, JuJu signed to Fuzz Club for his 2017 sophomore effort ‘Our Mother Was A Plant’ and is now back once again with his third record ‘Maps and Territories’ – due for release on May 31st. You can pre-order Maps And Territory below, as well as the recent Fuzz Club reissue of his debut album.

After well-and-truly blowing us away last year, JuJu will return to this year’s Fuzz Club Eindhoven on August 23rd-24th – joining the likes of Iceage, Kikagaku Moyo, The Soft Moon, Night Beats, The KVB and more. Tickets are available HERE.