The third album from the Sicilian multi-instrumentalist is out now and, whatever you do, don’t sleep on this one…

‘Maps and Territory’, the highly-anticipated third album from Sicilian project JuJu is officially out on vinyl and digital and it sees Gioele Valenti conjure his most forward-thinking and scintillating collection of tracks yet: taking its cues from everything from Ethio-jazz, tribal psychedelia and afrobeat, to post-punk, shoegaze and New Wave. Leaning more towards the latter, the album release also comes alongside a video for the track ‘God Is A Rover’, which is available to stream below.

‘God Is A Rover’ is a euphoric shoegaze-y number that falls somewhere between early Primal Scream and Galaxie 500; it combines JuJu’s trademark chanting vocals – buried under a thick sea of reverb, of course – with stomping percussion, glistening keys and distorted jubilant guitars. Dealing in an addictive, sugar-coated rock’n’roll sound it’s perhaps appropriate that the accompanying music video, available to watch below, contains a tonne of ice-cream, sprinkles and syrup plus one pissed-off gorilla enacting his sugar-fuelled revenge on the video’s unexpected antagonist.

‘Maps and Territory’ follows JuJu’s second album, Our Mother Was A Plant, and a recent Fuzz Club reissue of his self-titled debut. Continuing the themes of both of the preceding records, the new album is a groove-laden, tribal exploration into the implications of borders and how they shape the world around us, in both a physical and psychosocial sense. His most eclectic and ambitious body of work yet, the album also features guest appearances from Goatman (of Swedish psych polymaths, Goat) as well as avant-garde jazz composer Amy Denio. You can stream the album in full below.