New single is taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Selva’

After putting out their very first recordings back in 2017, a 9-track album called ‘Temporal’, we’re beyond excited to announce that the mystical Las Cobras are back with album #2. A couple of years on from that incredible debut and Leandro Rebellato and Sofía Aguerre are today announcing the release of their highly-anticipated sophomore album ‘Selva’ with the first single ‘Evil In Your Eyes.’ Released once again by yours truly on January 10th, you can stream the first cut below.

On ‘Temporal’ Las Cobras magnificently fused together a cocktail of proto-punk and murky shoegaze with traces of afrobeat and Tropicalia, but throughout ‘Selva’ the band can be found taking all of those elements and cranking them up to 11. Not least in moments like lead single ‘Evil In Your Eyes’, out today, which sees the band burrow far deeper into their dark side in a wall of mechanical drum-machine, a nasty fuzzed-out bassline and the macabre dual-vocals of Leandro and Sofia – both gravelly and entrancing, respectively.

After the release of ‘Temporal’ the pair took some time out of writing and got a live band together and started playing around Uruguay, Chile and Peru. Upon their return they began to work on the album’s much-anticipated follow-up and – partially due to facing a particularly difficult creative block – they decided they were fed up of writing and recording in their room, as was the case the first time around, and would not only find, but build, a new place to create in. “Here in Canelones there are no rehearsal rooms and we really needed a place to make as much noise as possible. Dario, our bassist, works as a builder so he built a place with his own hands.”

With this new space to use as they please, and with a live band in tow who also ended up becoming much involved in the songwriting, the result is something far more multifaceted and spontaneous than their previous work: “We tend to become a slave to thing we’re doing. We get lost in it. We just go wherever the process takes us.”