Berlin-based duo conjures up a collection of melancholic noise pop that’s less about all-out noise than it is about exploring the spaces in-between…

On Lower, the new full-length from Medicine Boy, grinding organs and soft desolate piano sink beneath waves of guitar that are at times gentle and drifting, at others feral and unforgiving. All the while, Lucy and Andre’s voices remain entwined and intimate. The contradictions between sparse, reflective instrumentation and visceral fuzz underpin the album from start to finish and the result is a truly remarkable sound that sits somewhere between PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and Grouper, yet still manages to exist in a sombre world of its own. Laying out the Medicine Boy mantra, they explain: “The joy of working with noise is that you can take something that appears to be quite sweet and simple and expose the sordid parts of it. Or celebrate the sublime in it. Ideally a bit of both.”

Originally hailing from Cape Town, André Leo and Lucy Kruger founded the project back in 2014, self-releasing their debut EP to considerable praise. By the time their debut full-length, Kinda Like Electricity, was released into the world their ever-growing fanbase had extended far beyond the confines of Africa, solidified further with two tours around Europe and the UK in 2015 and 2016. Having recently upped sticks to Berlin the band are now sharing their second album, Lower, and if they’d made their mark with their earlier material, this new effort confirms beyond any doubt that they’re one of the most exciting bands around at the minute.

Uncertainty, fragility and the unknown all sit at the heart of this record. Even when Medicine Boy are at their most delicate and beautiful, things constantly feel like they’re teetering on the edge, ready to collapse at any given moment. And, like the calm before the storm, often it does – veering unexpectedly into a whirlwind of buzzsaw guitars, primal percussion and snarling vocals. That same gloomy ethereality constantly floating close to the surface, mind. The band explain that this antagonistic relationship more than likely explains the aquatic theme through the album – ‘Bottom Of The Blue’ and ‘Water Girl’ being two stand-out tracks: “I don’t quite know why but the theme of water is all over this record. Something about the tranquillity and uncertainty, perhaps. The violence just beneath the surface. The potential for a sudden shift in tide.”

With the relocation to Berlin and Fuzz Club signing, Lower marks an exciting new chapter in Medicine Boy’s story. From the beginning, this attempt to deconstruct our relationship with noise has been at the heart of the band but on this new effort, we see the band sounding better than ever, exploring that relationship even further. As the band themselves put it: “Lower is a myriad of introspection and interpretation. There are wider themes, stranger worlds and deeper wells than before. It is some kind of attempt to draw comfort (however twisted) and companionship (however tainted) from chaos and confusion. It’s our attempt to find beauty in the underworld.”

Lower is out now on vinyl and digital and the band will be touring the record around South Africa and Europe later this year. You can pre-order the LP and find the tour dates below…

Upcoming Tour-Dates

26/10 – Cape Town (ZA) – Cafe Roux
03/11 – Cape Town (ZA) – Endless Daze Festival
16/11 – Halle (DE) – Pierre Grasse
17/11 – Worms (DE) – Bad Seed Studio
18/11 – Ghent (BE) – Aap Vlasmarkt
19/11 – Nancy (FR) – Brasserie Saint-Epvre
20/11 – Bordeaux (FR) – L’Astrodome
21/11 – Paris (FR) – Supersonic
22/11 – Rouen (FR) – Le 3 Pieces
23/11 – London (UK) – The Waiting Room
24/11 – Cardiff (UK) – The Moon
25/11 – Bristol (UK) – The Lanes
27/11 – Toulouse (FR) – Le Ravelin
28/11 – Zaragoza (ES) – El Zorro
29/11 – Madrid (ES) – El Perro Club
30/11 – Lisbon (PT) – Sabotage
01/12 – Vigo (ES) – Radar Estudios
03/12 – Lyon (FR) – Le Farmer
04/12 – Munich (DE) – Import Export
05/12 – Prague (CZ) – Kasarna Karlin
07/12 – Gdansk (PL) – Spacefest
08/12 – Warsaw (PL) – Klub CH25
12/12 – Berlin (DE) – Monarch