Oakland-based outfit touring Europe. 

Following 2018’s amazing Call Of The Void, their first record on Fuzz Club, we’re unbelievably excited to share new music from Oakland’s Lumerians! With a new full-length in the works and their eyes set on a fast-approaching European tour – during which they’ll stop at Fuzz Club Eindhoven – the band are now announcing a new single titled ‘Yellowcake’, you can stream the A-side below.

Officially due for release on vinyl and digital August 16th, ‘Yellowcake’ sees the band trim away the fat in favour of a highly-focused psychedelic garage rock jam. Winding, contorted guitars meld with motorik drums and a rumbling bassline that stretches out into eternity. Driven by the axe wizardry of Jason Miller and Tyler Green, atop the track’s skeleton they constantly spin webs of claustrophobic Contortions-esque guitar flourishes. 

The song, in the words of the band, is “about someone waiting on a train platform before sunrise to go to work, staring at the city and fantasizing about what it would be like if a nuclear bomb went off.” The lyrics are ambiguous at best, delivered by a careless Damo Suzuki-esque whisper from deep within the track’s dense soundscape, but the chaotic darkness of the song is on the surface for all to hear.

Fuzzy, focused and feral, Lumerians’ return is a more than welcome one. Since their 2006 formation, they’ve released three studio albums, rapidly evolving in between each record. This incarnation of Lumerians is very much different to the band that released the densely electronic ‘Call of the Void’ last year – but nonetheless, ‘Yellowcake’ shows that Lumerians remain the same astounding psychedelic force they have always been.

You can experience this latest evolution of Lumerians live in the flesh on their upcoming EU dates, the details for which – as well as a link to pre-order the 7” – can be found below.


Lumerians tour-dates

Aug 10th – Geel, BE – Yellowstock

Aug 12th – Berlin, DE – Berghain Kantine

Aug 13th – Liepzig, DE – SPLNK

Aug 14th – Vienna, AT – Chelsea

Aug 15th – Prague, CZ – Klub 007

Aug 16th – Freiburg, DE – Slow Club

Aug 17th – Leysin, CH – Hautes Frequences

Aug 19th – Biel, CH – Le Salopard

Aug 20th – eat potatoes maybe. dunno 

Aug 21st – Frankfurt, DE – ono2

Aug 22nd – contemplate existence 

Aug 23rd – Paris, FR – Supersonic

Aug 24th – Eindhoven, NL – Fuzz Club Eindhoven

August 30th – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel