Having recently been announced to perform at this year’s Fuzz Club Eindhoven (Aug 23-24), and with further EU dates being formed around the festival, Medicine Boy are sharing a new video for ‘Yellow-eyed Radio Blues’, originally taken from their second album Lower released back in October last year.

Medicine Boy’s music has always tended towards the mesmerising, foreboding and cinematic – even when the ethereal reverb-soaked charm breaks down into a blast of grinding, angular guitars, feedback and discordant piano, as it does on ‘Yellow-eyed Radio Blues’ – so it’s no surprise that the accompanying visuals follow that trend too. The new video, out today, is a beautifully-shot black and white short film depicting a mysterious woman clad all in white drag a bruised, bloodied and barely-conscious man from the back of a horse, racing through a barren mountainous desert and isolated nearby town to the bewildered onlook of the few suspicious figures populating the desolate landscape.

Talking about making the video, director Steven Carter (aka Joff) explains: “Tom Waits was quoted saying ‘I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.’ I love this and I feel Medicine Boy, for me, sit perfectly in this hauntingly-beautiful darkness. Medicine Boy’s music is very visual for me,” he continues: “When I first heard the song I kept picturing an arid landscape, a place that is beautiful yet at the same time has an underlying harshness to it, a reality of danger. The space and tempo of the song lent itself to a journey for me, a narrative that really captured what I wanted explore visually: ‘beautiful melodies’ depicting ‘terrible things’.”

On what the track itself is about, Andre states: “‘Yellow-eyed Radio Blues’ is about the genuine feeling of illness, sadness and disgust I get every time subjected to listening to commercial radio. Usually inebriated cab rides are the setting for this. I think in a way it’s also a bit of a love song to fellow musicians/friends back in Cape Town, who are doing their own weird, wonderful and inspiring things – Darling, I can’t do this by myself. To taint the water baby, I need your help.’”

You can find Medicine Boy’s upcoming tour dates below and also pick up Lower on vinyl if you’re yet to add it to your collection!

Jun 7th – Berlin, GE – @ Urban Spree (w/ The Vacant Lots)

Aug 11th – Vienna, AT @ Rhiz Vienna
Aug 18th – Manchester, UK @ The Peer Hat
Aug 23-24th – Eindhoven, NL @ Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019 (w/ Iceage, Kikagaku Moyo, The Soft Moon & more) – TICKETS HERE