North Carolina kraut-punks Nest Egg share the formidable title-track from incoming sophomore album ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’

Nest Egg are a three-piece from Asheville, North Carolina who describe their head-heavy and kosmische psych-rock wig-outs as ‘mood music for nihilists’. Following a handful of tapes and singles, in 2015 the band released their debut album ‘Respectable’ – a record which cemented their minimalistic kraut-punk jams as one of the most exciting new exports in the States.

Three years on and the band have taken for international waters, joining forces with London-label Fuzz Club for the release of their sophomore album ‘Nothingness Is Not A Curse’. Nest Egg have now released the second single ahead of the album’s release on April 13th. Sharing its name with that of the album, the single is ten minutes of relentless, mind-bending krautrock force that closes off the record with a blast of intensity. In a similar ballpark to the likes of Moon Duo or Follakzoid, the new record see’s Nest Egg free-fall down an all-consuming rabbit-hole of cosmic repetition, tripped-out drones, swirling analogue synths and cacophonous guitars; the rhythmic kraut gusto never letting loose for a second.

Check out the track below…