Stockholm project shares video for ‘I Never Knew’ from self-titled debut EP released earlier this year

Earlier this year we released the debut recordings from Medistation, a new venture from Eric Strand of Stockholm’s finest neo-psych outfit The Orange Revival. Arriving out of nowhere with a self-titled five-track EP Medistation instantly made its mark on the burgeoning Scandi underground with its perfectly crafted alt-rock that was fuzzed-out and primal at times, and beautifully melodic at others. In terms of the latter, nestled on that EP was ‘I Never Knew’- a striking, slow-burning lament that longs for lost loves.

On ‘I Never Knew’, soft shadowy guitars and rolling lap steel churn away beneath Strand’s gravelly reverb-soaked croons, making for a perfect winter serenade that’s both haunting and sublime – falling somewhere between Mazzy Star, Nick Drake and Galaxie 500. As the year draws to a close and the days grow colder, now feels like the perfect time to revisit the song so with that in mind, Medistation is now sharing a self-recorded lyric video for the track.

Talking about the video and song itself, Strand explains: “The song is about losing someone you’d never thought you’d lose. I shot the video when I was visiting Undersåker, the small town where I grew up, a few weeks ago. I brought my camera because I wanted to film some stuff but I didn’t really have any ideas, but when I got there I looked around and everything had this quite eerie but beautiful ‘Fargo’ vibe to it, there was this thick fog and snow everywhere. It all looked very grey and bleak, but quite picturesque too – it felt perfect for the song.” You can check out the video below.