Swedish post-punk band find a new ‘Home’ in South Africa whilst out on tour last year.

Towards the end of 2018 Stockholm outfit NONN released their highly-anticipated second album, XVII. A brooding collection of throbbing minimalistic post-punk, the album showed a new side to the band – dealing in something far darker and more percussive than their debut. A couple of months on from the release of XVII and the band are now sharing a self-made video for ‘Home’, taken straight off the new record.

Last year, as they were getting ready to release XVII into the world, NONN were invited to Endless Daze Festival in South Africa – part-organised by fellow Fuzz Clubbers Medicine Boy. Taking place against the coastal backdrop of Cape Town, the festival is something of a fuzzy mecca for those south of the equator. Being their first sojourn out of Europe, NONN spent the trip wandering around with a camera capturing what they got up to whilst they were out there. Looking back at the footage upon their return the band decided they may as well put it to good use so collected it all together in the shape of a DIY music video for ‘Home’ and you can check it out now below.

NONN was conceived in 2016 as the solo project of Christian Eldefors, known for playing in the neo-psych trio The Orange Revival. Now more of a collaborative effort – with Hannes Nyling and Christian’s brother Alexander joining the fold – their second album deals in a fuller, more refined sound and packs a far heftier punch. Where the self-titled debut was a restrained, minimalist affair, XVII opts for slabs of industrial electronics and hard-hitting percussion. The gloomy 80s sensibilities are still there – see the occasional Cure-esque guitars and morose gothic vocals – but on XVII, NONN turn their eyes more towards the electronic affliction of EBM and synth-punk than the polished, more-digestible post-punk that came reverberating out of the decade. You can buy the album on vinyl below.