Stockholm post-punk band unleash video for opening track of XVII and announce Europe tour.

Towards the end of last year we released XVII, the unreal second from Stockholm’s finest post-punk industrialists NONN and today the band are sharing a new video for ‘Pray’ alongside news of a European tour in May. You can check out both below.

Kicking off the new record, ‘Pray’ acted as a perfect introduction to the more electronic-inflected sound NONN unleashed on XVII. Opening on throbbing industrial feedback, it soon breaks into a menacing post-punk stomp that pulses its way through it’s four-minute running time with a merciless intent, owing just as much to darkwave and EBM as it does the angular melancholy of Joy Division and the echo-laden sounds of The Chameleons.

Much like the accompanying video, ‘Pray’ is a bleak, desolate and unsettling affair. NONN’s post-punk deconstructions are partnered with eerie black-and-white footage of a masked figure traipsing around barren, snowed-under woodlands, even hinting at the occult when the figure finally reaches his destination and prepares what looks the setting of a ritual. Though post-punk, EBM and darkwave may invoke images of brutalist industrial landscapes, perhaps NONN are more attuned to the occult mysticism of bands like Coil and Psychic TV than the music originally suggests.

A formidable live force that’s not to be missed, NONN’S forthcoming May tour will see them take to stages across Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovena, Serbia, Slovakia and Denmark. The full list of dates can be found below – if they’re playing near you then be sure not to miss it.

European Dates:

7/5 Cologne, DE – Stereo Wonderland

9/5 Bologna, IT – Mikasa

10/5 Loreto, IT – Reasonanz

11/5 Roma, IT – Klang

13/5 Vienna, AT – Arena

14/5 Ljubljana, SI – Menza Pri Koritu

15/5 Belgrad, RS – Mkc Kombinat

16/5 Zilina, SK – Stanica

17/5 Berlin, DE – Urban Spree

18/5 Odense, DK – Ungdomshuset