Demian Castellanos a.k.a The Oscillation introduces new LP U.E.F


Since 2006, under the guise of The Oscillation, Demian has released four LPs, countless EPs/singles and played with everyone from Silver Apples and Beak to Wooden Shjips and Deerhunter, all the while being emulated by the likes of The Guardian, Mojo, The Quietus, Vice, Q, Pitchfork and 6 Music. Consistently pushing boundaries and dragging the divisive term ‘psych-rock’ to the brink – incorporating everything from krautrock, drone and industrial through to disco and funk.

The Oscillation is now gearing up for the release of his fifth album, U.E.F, on March 2nd. The new album sees Demian completely subvert his sound once-again, adding a new evolution to his ever-evolving musical canon. Ditching any inkling of his ‘rock’ beginnings for a lysergic (but equally sinister) journey into post-apocalyptic electronics and sprawling drones – resulting in something that’s more likely to be bouncing around the walls of club nights than the back-room venue of grotty bars.

Have a watch of the new video for the colossal, unremitting first track, ‘Flight Sequence’. The video was made by photographer/visual artist Antonio Curcetti and is a montage of distorted, archived footage inspired by Voyager space missions.

Discussing his influences and creative process for the video, Antonio explains: “When Demian asked me to work on the project I immediately thought of the Voyager 1 and 2 Nasa space project. 2017 was the 40th anniversary of the launch and when I was a kid it was just one of the most daring ideas. The idea that one day a tiny little spacecraft could have reached the far end of the solar system and project itself into interstellar space, with the chance of one day being collected by a different outer-space civilization. Demian wanted to explore visually the idea of expansion into the vastness of the universe and then he told me the title of the track was ‘Flight Sequence’. It was just too perfect. 90% of the material I have manipulated through a video synth is original footage of the Voyager project – I really couldn’t believe how much is available on the Internet.”

Talking about how the new album came about, Demian explains: “U.E.F is a failed attempt at what initially started out as an attempt at making a techno track but ended up becoming an Oscillation album. I’m pretty much completely ignorant about dance music but re-listening to a few Plastikman tracks quite obsessively for a few weeks, combined with long-term exposure to Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze rubbed off after a while.”

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