The Oscillation returns with his sixth full-length, Wasted Space, and shares the primal hedonistic grooves of Drop, the lead single, ahead of a forthcoming European tour with Lumerians. You can stream the track below…

Following a recalibration and consolidation with their recent electronics-inflected album, 2018’s U.E.F., The Oscillation is back with their sixth and most ambitious album to date, Wasted Space. A meditation on the nature of existence in the face of what can be insurmountable odds, Wasted Space finds The Oscillation painting from the darker shades of the kaleidoscopic scale. Officially due for release September 21st, the band are now sharing the primal, hedonistic groove of lead-single ‘Drop.’

“The origins of Wasted Space go back to Monographic in 2016,” muses Demian Castellanos – the mastermind behind The Oscillation. “That was a very bleak and heavy record and I really needed to move out of that mindset. Making U.E.F freed me up to write a coherent collection of narrative songs and compositions. Wasted Space is a partial continuation of a journey started with U.E.F., but one that re-incorporates more song-based ideas again.” What’s immediately apparent is that Wasted Space sets it’s stall well away from the prosaic third-eye tropes that have become orthodoxy, instead establishes the pace with a focus on the dancefloor as much as on the navigation of existence. Fusing muscular grooves with an industrial wall of sound, these are bold steps into wholly new territories.

“There’s an irony at play here,” considers Castellanos. “It’s a twisted party song, albeit a party for one.” But what a party it is. The mutant disco is bolstered by the rhythmic call-and-response of ‘Drop’ a track, available to stream below, that eschews conventional methods of dance sensibility for more instinctive and primal urges. This is music that calls out to the suitably attuned. “We’re reaching out on an innate level,” says Castellanos. “It’s a form of wordless communication that transcends the limitations of verbal language and thought processes.”

The Oscillation will celebrate the release of Wasted Space with an album launch show at The Lexington next week, you can buy tickets here. The full list of dates for the band’s upcoming tour can be found below:

12/09 – Brussels (BE) – Magasin 4*
13/09 – Paris (FR) – Le Petit Bain*
14/09 – Leffinge (BE) – Leffingeleuren Festival*
15/09 – Manchester (UK) – The Psych Weekender*
18/09 – Brighton (UK) – The Hope & Ruin*
19/09 – London (UK) – The Lexington*
13/10 – Antwerp (BE) – Desertfest
29/11 – Nottingham (UK) – Metronome
30/11 – Todmorden (UK) – The Golden Lion
13/12 – Porto (PT) – Maus Habitos
14/12 – Lisbon (PT) – Sabotage Club
* = with Lumerians

Words: Julian Marszelek

Photo: Antonio Curcetti