Back in November last year King Gizzard announced they’d be giving away ‘Polygondwanaland’, their fourth LP of the year, for free and for everyone to do with as they please. Naturally, we thought we’d give it the Fuzz Club treatment and here’s a lowdown on what we’ve been up to with our pressing…

We’re super excited to finally share the details for our pressing of ‘Polygondwanaland’, we really have gone all-out! This LP was the Australian band’s fourth album to be released last year and somehow, considering their relentless writing and touring schedule, their finest work to date. Whilst on previous records they’ve dealt in everything from jazz, soul and folk through to krautrock, stoner and doom, on this collection of tracks the Australian heavyweights hone their batshit psych-freak-outs into ten mind altering prog-tainted jams.

So, what makes our pressing so different? First of all, for all you audiophiles out there, we got the lacquer cut at half-speed by engineer-extraordinaire Miles Showell at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios. All of our variants are cut from the same metal work which means that every tiny little detail of King Gizzard’s wonky, hedonistic sonic prowess has made it into the record’s grooves.

Not only will it sound absolutely incredible but it’ll also look the part too. With alternative artwork, the LPs will be housed in a deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket with printed inner-sleeves. Glued inside the gatefold will be a 16-page booklet which includes lyrics and a bunch of reworked illustrations taken from the original artwork provided by the band.

As for the vinyl colours; there’s /100 ultra-clear, /100 sea blue and /300 black. First two are long-gone but there’s still a handful of black editions left so get in there quick if you’re after one. We’re also doing some cassettes and CD’s so whatever’s your preferred format, we’ve got you covered. Pick one up here.

(Records will be shipping mid/late March)