Late year, German garage-blues duo Pretty Lightning released their third LP, The Rhythm Of Ooze, on Fuzz Club. It’s now been given a repress and to celebrate here’s a brand new video for ‘This Machine Is Running’

Back in November 2017, we put out the mindblowing third album from German psych-blues heavyweights Pretty Lightning. ‘The Rhythm Of Ooze’ saw the duo serve up a head-heavy mix of twisted psych-rock and shit-kicking delta blues, shot through a warped krautrock gusto. The vinyl sold out super quick first time around so we’ve gone and repressed it, and to celebrate here’s a brand new video for ‘This Machine Is Running’.

‘This Machine Is Running’ is an apt name considering the track doesn’t let loose for a second. Fuzzed-out guitars and echoing vocals are driven by a formidable vigour, only slowing down the pace to meander into a swirl of skewed, deranged keys. This is Pretty Lightning at their best – all their influences shining through as they take the listener on an intoxicating trip through their lysergic, rock’n’roll prowess.

The video, made by Daniel Fuchs, perfectly captures the two dynamics to Pretty Lightning, flickering between psychedelic visuals and footage of mechanical machinery churning away.