Italian shoegaze tease their darker side on first taste of new album due out later this year.

It was only really a matter of time until Rev Rev Rev joined the fold so we’re crazy excited to announce that the Italian band have finally signed to Fuzz Club for the release of their third album, due later this year. To celebrate joining the gang, as well as their forthcoming trip to the States for this year’s SXSW, the band are sharing the new cut ‘Clutching The Blade’. You can stream it below.


With Kykeon – the follow-up to 2016’s Des Fleurs Magiques Bourdonnaient  – due for release in Autumn later this year, this new cut offers a pulverising, no-holds-barred intro into what’s to come. Talking about the track, they explain: “‘Clutching The Blade’ is a good snapshot of our sonic virulence. Among the new songs, it’s the one that truly conveys the energy of our live show, whilst keeping a mechanic feel that contributes to the ominous atmosphere. The song itself is about being trapped in the quicksand of a certain situation, or what can feel like destiny, and the appalling feeling that the more you struggle, the faster you sink.”

Rev Rev Rev have always found a home somewhere between shoegaze, noise and psychedelic rock but, as ‘Clutching The Blade’ foreshadows, this new album could be their most ritualistic and distorted yet. More details on the record will be arriving soon but until then, here’s the band on what to expect: “Kykeon is about exploring the obscure. It’s a ritual descent into the underworld, but also a flight through the cold spaces amid the stars. There’s stripped-back song structures, trance-like drumming, fuzzy reverberated guitars, abrasive atonal sounds and tonnes of feedback.”