Taken from the Italian band’s forthcoming second album ‘Kykeon’

On September 20th, Italian’s finest shoegazers Rev Rev Rev will be unleashing their latest full-length into the world. Titled ‘Kykeon’, it’s the much-anticipated follow-up to their 2016 debut, ‘Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient’, and their first on Fuzz Club. Today, as the album release draws ever-closer, the Modena-based band are now releasing the latest taste of the record: the blistering ‘3 Not 3’. You can check out the track and its accompanying video below.

Clocking in at less than three minutes and set to visuals that are equally unsettling and apocalyptic, the new single – which arrives following earlier cuts, ‘Clutching The Blade’ and ‘One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another’ – is consumed from start to finish by primal percusion, thick distorted guitars and walls of feedback and distortion. All casting a dark menacing shadow through which, trying to break through, are Laura Iacuzio’s saccharine yet still somewhat foreboding vocals. 

Though often lauded as one of the underground greats in the contemporary shoegaze revival, with each release Rev Rev Rev have continued to take that now-saturated MBV template into a more intense, challenging and unique direction. Talking about what to expect from the rest of the record, the band say: “Kykeon is about exploring the obscure. It’s a ritual descent into the underworld, but also a flight through the cold spaces amid the stars. There’s stripped-back song structures, trance-like drumming, fuzzy reverberated guitars, abrasive atonal sounds and tonnes of feedback.” 

You can pre-order Kykeon on vinyl below.