RF Shannon shares the video for ‘Black America, So Divine’ – a spectral desert-blues cut from forthcoming Trickster Blues LP.

We recently announced that we’re going to be teaming up with Cosmic Dreamer Music to release the incredible new RF Shannon LP over here in Europe! On ‘Trickster Blues’, Shane Renfro serves up a collection of folky desert blues that’s been left to bask in the sun for just the right amount of time, channelling the likes of Kevin Morby, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Ahead of the album, which is out on vinyl June 1st, RF Shannon has shared the beautiful video for ‘Black Madonna, So Divine’

Here’s what Renfro had to say about the track: “I first came across the Black Madonna archetype from reading Marion Woodman’s The Pregnant Virgin, and it really resonated with my own inner struggle to comprehend the apparent state of things in our country. Drawing from her inspiration, the song explores a reckoning within oneself and culture at large regarding the power and wisdom of feminine energy. It’s not a protest or topical song, per se, but I hope it can be one of many sinews reconnecting us with this crucial aspect of ourselves as individuals, communities, and culture at large.”