RF Shannon shares soulful desert blues of 'Tooth Ache', the latest single from the incoming Trickster Blues LP

The release of RF Shannon’s incredible sophomore album, Trickster Blues, is fast-approaching – officially due for release on digital May 4th and vinyl June 1st. In anticipation, RF Shannon have provided us with another brilliant track titled ‘Tooth Ache’ – a jangling, pensive cut that combines soulful Americana and spectral desert blues that have been left to bask in the Texas sun for just the right amount of time.

Talking about the track, Renfro explains: “Tooth Ache is about being comfortable in your own skin, having the self-awareness to take it slow. The arrangement is steeped in an early 70s soul sound because that music has a mellow groove that just feels good. I tend to feel like all is right in the world when I’m slowly driving down old country roads with the windows down, so this song is kind of an ode to that vibe. I wanted to write a good backroad song.”