12-minute EP opener is another excursion into industrial-tinged ambient drone

Rejoice! Following the final addition, their Subversive album trilogy back in 2017 – as well as a recent split 7” with Norway’s Årabrot – RMFTM are back with new material in the shape of a three-track EP titled Bliss. The EP will be released as a 12″ via Fuzz Club on [date] but in the meantime, you can check out the apocalyptic drone of the EP’s menacing title-track below.

Making reference to the Ancient Greek god of religious ecstasy, ritual madness, wine and theatre – among other typically hedonistic things – ‘Bliss’ is, according to the band, “a Dionysian meditation put to sound. We ask you to indulge.” Across its 12-minute running length, RMFTM force the listener into a self-reflective trance through a deluge of dark, spaced-out electronics, eerie chiming bells and a propulsive beat that’s submerged beneath a stormy sea of feedback that twists, throbs and hisses away from start to finish.

Taking influence from such avant-garde innovators as Cabaret Voltaire and Nurse With Wound – whilst also following a similar path to it’s more contemporary proponents in Shit & Shine, Container and collaborators Gnod – RMFTM say of the new release: “The Bliss EP is made up out of three song that was conceived on the 2018 Secret Howls For Europe Tour, in support of Subversive III. When we came back from that tour we recorded them immediately. These three K-Hole anthems are an experimental exercise in ambient, drone and dark electronics.”

RMFTM will perform at this year’s Fuzz Club Eindhoven (Aug 23 + 24) alongside Iceage, Kikagaku Moyo, Iceage, The KVB and more. You can buy tickets for FCE19 here and pre-order the Bliss EP on vinyl below.