In their short two-year existence, with just a 7” EP behind them,  Sekel have managed to pick up a fast-growing reputation within the dark and murky Scandinavian underground, amongst the likes of GOAT, Josefin OhrnFlowers Must Die and, having recently signed to us here at Fuzz Club, fellow label-mates Dead Vibrations and NONN.


Citing influences from the likes of CAN and Neu! through to Gang of Four and WireSEKEL blur the line between biting post-punk noir, crushing psych and 70s kraut rhythms, whilst refusing to shy away from the occasional pop hook, resulting in a remarkable sound that marks the band as one of the most exciting new exports from the European scene.

On their debut album, SEKEL explains: “We recorded the album in the winter of 2016. We went away to a really secluded cabin in the woods for a few weeks and it was right in the middle of the brutal Nordic winter so in-between the constant writing and recording, we spent our times burning wood and boiling snow to keep us alive. The album is mostly inspired by our daily experiences, but also by politics, literature, art and travelling. I think those things always inherently influence music but the album is very much a reaction to our own personal pasts – both in music and life in general.”