Ukrainian four-piece channel the spirit of Kluster and Harmonia on the nine-minute Krautrock masterclass

Bursting onto the scene with nothing but a love of vintage Soviet synths and Eastern European Krautrock, in May last year we put out the incredible first recordings from Ukrainian outfit Sherpa The Tiger in the shape of their debut LP Great Vowel Shift. After touring the record around Europe the band quickly jumped straight back into the studio and today they’re sharing a video for a session recording of new track ‘Bokeh’, you can check it out below.

If Great Vowel Shift marked Sherpa The Tiger out as one of the most exciting new bands to be carrying the immortal Krautrock torch, then ‘Bokeh’ proves that beyond any doubt. Clocking in at nine minutes, the track is a sprawling kosmische voyage that picks up where the likes of Kluster, Neu! and Harmonia left off with gloriously transcendental effect. It’s a celestial ambient jam that, true to form, hooks you in with a hypnotic metronomic rhythm that  drives its way through a wall of warped oscillating synths and chiming guitars.

The track was born out of the “endless jam sessions” that are integral to Sherpa The Tiger’s creative approach and after being road-tested on tour and seeing how well the song went down, the four-piece decided they simply couldn’t sit on the track until the next album so headed straight into the studio to lay down a session recording. The band’s drummer Yurii Khomik explains: “Whilst we were on tour we were seeing how the song’s hypnotic and groovy nature really captured the audience and made them dance or move no matter where it was we were playing. I can’t remember a show where we didn’t end up playing the song twice.”

Elaborating on how ‘Bokeh’ came about, keyboardist Andrii Davydenko says: “This is actually one of the first songs we made after Great Vowel Shift. Unlike the songs on that album it was created by the whole band, not just me and Artem [bass and synths]. This change in the creative process was a slight shift from the live looping approach widely used on GVS,” He continues: “It really helped us to develop the song’s structure and melody in a way we’ve never done before – every member of the band had an effect on the song’s mood and momentum. We decided to record the track as a live performance in order to try and catch the special vibe of our interaction when we are performing.”

If Great Vowel Shift slipped under your radar then you can stream the album and pre-order it on vinyl below.