Ukrainian krautrock upstarts Sherpa The Tiger share, Contre-jour, the first cut from forthcoming debut album

Brand new and hailing from Lviv, Ukraine; Sherpa The Tiger are unleashing their arsenal of decrepit Soviet synthesisers on the ears of psych heads around the world with the release of  ‘Contre Jour’.  On the track their sprawling krautrock soundscapes are shot through with a low-slung bassline that conveys an almost-disco vibe until the last few minutes where the song breaks down into a blissed-out, slightly-psychedelic ambient composition. On this first taste of the new album, Sherpa The Tiger perfectly capture not just their two faces but also two of the defining musical dimensions of the 70s, flickering between danceable funk-ridden rhythms and vast electronic experimentation.

On May 18th ‘Great Vowel Shift’ will be released on vinyl and digital, and you can pre-order a copy below. For the moment though, let Sherpa The Tiger take you on a mind-bending excursion through the golden age of 60s/70s Krautrock, and bask in the soulful, neon-hued grooves of Contre-Jour, which is available to stream above.