Italy’s Sonic Jesus released their superb new single ‘Dead Man’ 7″.

Sonic Jesus are one of the most revered outputs in the modern psych-rock scene. Following a split-single with Austin heavyweights The Black Angels, in 2015 they released the hypnotic, droning psych-rock of their debut ‘Neither Virtue Nor Anger’ to international acclaim. Earlier this year they released LP2, titled ‘Grace’ it saw the band reinvent themselves, delving into more melodic, synth-driven horizons and channelling an expansive 80s-indebted new wave/post-punk sound.

Following a deep creative frenzy on the road during the European tour in support of ‘Grace, Sonic Jesus are back already with two new songs – pushing past previous boundaries once again and reappearing with a new-found direction. The two new tracks take the impassioned, introspective post-punk of Grace and take it down a sinister path. Whilst the reverb-drenched vocals, 80s synths and drum machines are still there, this is a far darker affair – the haunting, motorik psych-rock of their early material coming back with a vengeance.

Talking of the tracks, Tiziano Veronese, the mastermind behind Sonic Jesus, explains: “’Dead Man’ is a blind rage with no point of return. The strong bass line and synths depict a disturbing, claustrophobic atmosphere. ‘Transpose’ changes direction towards a kraut landscape, a chaos quickly dissolved in a folk jam. The lyrics are mainly focused on how humans brutalise themselves as time goes by so that loneliness becomes a fine shelter where to feel comforted by dreams, arts and distant desires.”