Throw Down Bones announce long-awaited second album, Two, and share the visuals for the crushing industrial techno/acid-house workout ‘Golovkin’

We don’t have favourites here at Fuzz Club because, well, it’d be like choosing between your children however it has to be said, Throw Down Bones’ self-titled debut that we released back in 2015 is without a doubt one of the best records we’ve ever put out. Which is why, after their eardrum-rattling set in Eindhoven, we’re incredibly stoked to announce the return of the band with Two, their second full-length.

Their long-awaited new album is due for release on October 26th and see’s the band deal in floor-shaking industrial techno/EBM noise that’s steeped in a euphoric acid-house attitude. Where the old Throw Down Bones was better suited for intimate venues and psych fests, this new evolution sees them turn their eyes to the most underground techno clubs and the sleaziest warehouse venues. Imagine Fuck Buttons, Factory Floor and Aphex Twin jamming in a room together and you might come close but Throw Down Bones would be reluctant to point to any ‘influences’. For them, their corrosive industrial workouts are simply the product of their environment and attitudes, as opposed to who they’re listening to at any given moment.

To announce the album Throw Down Bones are sharing the visuals for ‘Golovkin’, the first taste of the monstrous new LP. Complete with relentless strobes and flashes and a 12-step guide to walk you through the trip, it’s a hallucinogenic treat on the eyes and ears. You can check it out below.

Talking about the video, the band explain: “The video was a collaboration between us and Ciaran O’Shea (Discordo). We have been big fans of his work for a while and could not be happier with this video. We think it is the perfect visual interpretation of the track. The story speaks for it self with a 12 step guide throughout. The part that says ‘MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS IS DANCE MUSIC’ was lifted from a review of the first album, a  phrase that resonated with us.”

The two key members of Throw Down Bones are Francesco Vanni and Dave Gali but on this album their producer James Aparicio also played an integral part in writing the album. Francesco spends his time building bespoke FX pedals and analogue synths under the name Noise Militia and James was formerly the in-house engineer at the Mute Records studio, his credits including Spiritualized, Liars, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Mogwai and many, many more. With Noise Militia prototypes littered around the studio, Francesco and Dave’s knack for instrumental experimentation and James’ studio prowess, it should come as no surprise that the result is a collection of tracks that push Throw Down Bones’ electronica right to the brink.

Words: Jack Palfrey