Following the release of All Tomorrow's Shadows, The Third Sound share video for 'Photographs', the closing track of the album featuring guest vocals from Anton Newcombe.

To celebrate the release of their latest full length, All Tomorrow’s Shadows, Berlin’s The Third Sound have revealed the video for the album’s closing track, ‘Photographs’ – a haunting, impassioned piece of post-punk that has BJM’s Anton Newcombe helming the vocal duties. The video was shot whilst Anton and Hakon were out in America on a Brian Jonestown Massacre tour.

Talking about how the song and Newcombe collaboration came about, Hakon explains: “It was the last song we wrote for the album and we weren’t really sure what to do with it. I was emailing Anton about the upcoming BJM tour and thought I’d send him a demo version and ask if he had any ideas for vocals. I didn’t hear back for a few hours and then all of a sudden he got back to me and not only had he written lyrics and recorded his vocals but he also added some guitar at the beginning. It worked out perfectly.”

Recorded by the band themselves over the harsh Berlin winter, All Tomorrow’s Shadows is the band’s most refined record yet – offering an expansive exploration into krautrock-tainted post-punk and dark 60s-esque psychedelia. Following on from their 2016 LP Gospels of Degeneration, the new album takes a much more sparse and rhythmic approach than we’ve seen before, combining hypnotic guitar drones, motorik rhythms and haunting vocals. You can buy the album on vinyl below.