French four-piece announce debut album and share video for 'Cold Crusader', the first single to be taken from Salvation Prayer

After featuring on the latest Reverb Conspiracy compilation, we’re super excited to have signed French outfit You Said Strange for the release of their debut album Salvation Prayer. To announce the release, You Said Strange have shared the first single ‘Cold Crusader’, the video for which features a Crusader engaged in a mad battle with himself in the middle of the desert. A tumultuous fight ensues, in which he both wins and loses, his futile brawling symptomatic of his meandering mind. You can stream the video now.

You Said Strange come from the north-western region of Normandy in France, although if it was up to them they’d come from the States, somewhere between Texas and Cali. They’ve been growing their own Norman-spiced-up definition of psychedelia for a few years now, making their way on a historically busy road.

When they’re not busy organising the annual Rock In The Barn festival, which hosts a broad range of acts from the international alternative scene, the four members of the band work on their sound that was born on the school benches. What followed was the inevitable: rehearsals, gigs, festivals, tours, Bandcamp sales and record pressing. All the people from the scene they met on their way, from Poland to the Lisbon Psych Fest, through north London clubs and mythic Paris venues, seem to have had a major impact on the building of the band.

Salvation Prayer is a condensation of heady riffs, haunting melodies and bright rhythms, half-way between 90s shoegaze and 60s psychedelia. The album touches on the theme of belief, the kind that affects even the most Cartesian spirit; may it be superficial, spiritual, superstitious, religious or moral. This very-human interpretation of reality is meant to help those who seek to free themselves, dream or flee, and that’s what the band is all about.