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Elephant Stone continues the "Hollow" story with 'Darker Time, Darker Space'

Posted on December 15 2019

Elephant Stone continues the "Hollow" story with 'Darker Time, Darker Space'

A couple of weeks back new Fuzz Club recruits Elephant Stone announced the details for their sixth full-length, "Hollow", and shared the opening track "Hollow World" A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi concept album, the single revealed the first part of the albums story and, today, the band are sharing part two: "Darker"  Time, Darker Space. Due for release February 14th 2020 and supported by a European tour that will see them play at Moth Club on the day of release, you can stream the latest cut to be taken from "Hollow" below. The album takes place immediately after mankind's catastrophic destruction of the Earth and what happens when the same elite responsible for the first world-destroying climate disaster touch down on New Earth, a recently-discover planet sold with the same life of prosperity as the one they'd just destroyed. As soon as the chosen few step off the Harmonia ship built for the journey, it's clear that all is not what it seems and humanity appears destined to make the same mistakes. What follows, frontman and sitarist Rishi says, “touches upon the plundering/poisoning of their home, the elite, demagogues, false idols, the truth as seen by children, and, ultimately, the fight for the survival of their species. Part one 'Hollow World' began the story talking of mankind's lost soul, a truly hollow existence hellbent on destroying the planet with no regard for future generations. Suddenly, in a sudden catastrophic event, the earth is decimated and 'Darker Time, Darker Space' a short, minute-long piece of phased-out Sitar-led psych-rock picks up from there: We can't believe what is happening. We don't know what to do. Scientists reveal they have built a spaceship that can take the top candidates for continuing humanity to New Earth. We've never been there, but we have heard transmissions that suggest life exists like ours. Who are the lucky ones that get to board starship Harmonia for planet B?


Elephant Stone's new album, "Hollow", is their first album since 2016's "Ship Of Fools" released on Burger Records and Rishi's new project MIEN with members of The Black Angels, The Horrors and The Earlies. Now signed to Fuzz Club in Europe, the Montreal-based band's sixth album is due for release February 14th.