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Decoding the Chaos of 'The Flow In Between' with Tales of Murder and Dust

Posted on April 22 2016

Tales of Murder and Dust reveals the methodology of recording The Flow In Between, and how the group harnessed their creativity during times of turmoil.

Above: Aarhus Psych Fest Pre-Party 2015

Death Island

"For some crazy reason, and much to our delight, an Italian guy set up a recording studio on the middle of the island where Christian and Kristoffer grew up in a rural and very desolate part of Denmark (Death Island Studios in Nykøbing, Mors). The name of the island actually translates from Latin into ‘Death’. It just seemed like the perfect place for us to go and isolate ourselves."

"We used the same approach as we did with our previous release, Skeleton Flowers. We recorded drums and bass in the studio, and did Guitars, Vocals, Synths, Sitar, Harp, Percussion and whatever else may be on there, in our rehearsal room and in our homes. This way we were able to give the recording a rest for a few days when we were in a rut, and come back and listen to it with fresh ears. Compared to an intensive studio recording session, we had more time to attend to the details and try out different instruments and sounds with this approach."

The Endless Sea of Uncertainty and Change

"When one compares this record to our earlier work we sound and feel like a different band, the common factor is that we still like to create a strong sense of atmosphere. We have adopted Gothic elements into our sound and we would like to think of it as the listener stepping in to a spiritual realm that is chaotic, boundless and which lacks a point of gaze. On a philosophical level, the lack of direction and the sense of endlessness also are saying something about our lives in general. There is this melancholia that always latches onto our music; we have been around for nearly 10 years and there is always that fear, that sense that 'it could all of a sudden end', which makes us appreciate what we do even more but also creates some sense of angst and unrest tied to the music."

"Growing so much older since we formed, life is no longer careless and music is not something that we “mess around with”. It is a privilege that can be taken away from us at any moment. It is pretty nerve wrecking and we cannot pretend that being in the music industry is all fun and games. It makes you paranoid, it makes you uncompromising and that naïve, young person who just wants to create music and have fun with it, is constantly struggling to come up to the surface for air. It is easy to drown in your own ambitions. When you listen to The Flow In Between the fear of drowning is omnipresent. When you hesitate at an artistic crossroad it’s either swim or sink. We did a bit of both; we let ourselves float around under the surface for a bit longer than what was comfortable. Once you are down below, floating around, you start looking at the world differently. We embraced the chaos, we embraced the uncertainty and it resulted in an album that feels unnerving, dystopic, illusive, and most of all like floating around under the surface, looking for a place and time to come up for air."

Tour Dates

The group has announced June/July live shows for EU and will later announce more dates for the US.

6/8 Hafenklang, Hamburg /with The Third Sound
6/10 CheeChaak Fest, Ostrava
6/17 Les Caves Du Manoir, Martigny
6/20 L’espace B. Paris
6/22 Cine Palace, Kortrijk
6/24 Fuzz Club, London
6/25 Astral Elevator Presents: Rising @Gullivers Nq, Manchester
6/26 The Hope and Ruin, Brighton
7/16 Copenhagen Psych Fest
8/26 Psycho Las Vegas