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Preview of Trip The Light Fantastic Exhibition, at the Fuzz Club Festival

Posted on November 13 2015

This weekend at the Fuzz Club Festival there will be a showcase of work by filmmakers and photographers Lilly Creightmore and Antonio Curcetti, who have been documenting the psych community around the world for the past few years, the fruits of which will be revealed in Creightmore's upcoming documentary entitled Trip. 

They will be exhibiting and selling a selection of limited edition behind-the-scenes and hand-painted portraits of artists such as Moon Duo, Faris Badwan, Joel Gion, Christian Bland and Jerry Bland.

These are just a small snippet of their full showcase - Trip the Light Fantastic - which encompasses photography, film, light and music by a fateful crowd of psychotropically inclined picture takers and filmmakers.

The showcase will be touring through winter to promote and raise finishing funds for Trip. The next event will be in London with more dates and cities to be added soon. 

Liverpool Psych Fest Lilly Creightmore

Antonio Curcetti Lilly Creightmore 

Moon Duo Antonio Curcetti Lilly Creightmore

Lilly Creightmore Joel Gion Antonio Cerruti

Lilly Creightmore Antonio Curcetti

Lilly Creightmore Antonio Curcetti