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Listen To The First Single Off RMFTM's New Psych/Acid House LP, Subversive II

Eindhoven Psych Lab Fuzz Club Fuzz Club Releases Listen RMFTM

RMFTM (Radar Men from The Moon) is a Dutch art collective who approach music as avant-garde exploration. The second LP in the Subversive trilogy is almost upon us. Throughout the series the group is looking to explore, deconstruct and subvert their creative process and themselves as a band. In doing so the immense head-on collision between psych and acid house stretches the definitions of noise, space and time. “Masked Disobedience” is the first single from the album and gives you an insight into the limitless and abrasive experimental properties of Subversive II: Splendor of the Wicked.  “Masked Disobedience” begins and ends with harsh celestial...

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Decoding the Chaos of 'The Flow In Between' with Tales of Murder and Dust

Fuzz Club Releases Interviews Tales of Murder and Dust

Tales of Murder and Dust reveals the methodology of recording The Flow In Between, and how the group harnessed their creativity during times of turmoil. Above: Aarhus Psych Fest Pre-Party 2015 Death Island "For some crazy reason, and much to our delight, an Italian guy set up a recording studio on the middle of the island where Christian and Kristoffer grew up in a rural and very desolate part of Denmark (Death Island Studios in Nykøbing, Mors). The name of the island actually translates from Latin into ‘Death’. It just seemed like the perfect place for us to go and isolate...

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The Third Sound Deluxe Edition Cover Art

Cover Art Fuzz Club Releases The Third Sound

Hot off the vinyl press is Gospels of Degeneration by The Third Sound, available in deluxe edition, standard edition and CD. SHARE ON FACEBOOK | SHARE ON TWITTER 

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Stream The Third Sound's New Album, Gospels of Degeneration

Fuzz Club Releases Iceland Listen The Third Sound

We're excited to share the full album stream of The Third Sound's enigmatic new LP, Gospels of Degeneration, due out this Friday 22nd April. Preceded by the singles “You Are Not Here” featuring Tess Parks, and "Never Catch Her Again", which UK’s Clash magazine called “a languid smoky piece of psychedelic rock” from a group who are “lynchpins of the underground.” What began as the project of Icelandic frontman Hakon Aðalsteinsson (ex Singapore Sling), The Third Sound is now stretching its definition with deeper levels of collaboration between band members and the influence of a new character in its story, the city...

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We Talk To The Third Sound Ahead Of The Release of Their New Album

Fuzz Club Releases Interviews The Third Sound

The Third Sound are back with their third album, and second on Fuzz Club, Gospels of Degeneration. Ten songs that will rip through you. It’s an album that was recorded in a small studio and you can hear more of the stripped down sound of the band and their use of instruments to get across the many feelings and emotions.  I love the use of guitar throughout the album and think it plays a huge part of making it feel different from other The Third Sound records, without taking away the quintessential sound of the band.  With songs like “Charlatan”...

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