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Decoding the Chaos of 'The Flow In Between' with Tales of Murder and Dust

Fuzz Club Releases Interviews Tales of Murder and Dust

Tales of Murder and Dust reveals the methodology of recording The Flow In Between, and how the group harnessed their creativity during times of turmoil. Above: Aarhus Psych Fest Pre-Party 2015 Death Island "For some crazy reason, and much to our delight, an Italian guy set up a recording studio on the middle of the island where Christian and Kristoffer grew up in a rural and very desolate part of Denmark (Death Island Studios in Nykøbing, Mors). The name of the island actually translates from Latin into ‘Death’. It just seemed like the perfect place for us to go and isolate...

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We Talk To The Third Sound Ahead Of The Release of Their New Album

Fuzz Club Releases Interviews The Third Sound

The Third Sound are back with their third album, and second on Fuzz Club, Gospels of Degeneration. Ten songs that will rip through you. It’s an album that was recorded in a small studio and you can hear more of the stripped down sound of the band and their use of instruments to get across the many feelings and emotions.  I love the use of guitar throughout the album and think it plays a huge part of making it feel different from other The Third Sound records, without taking away the quintessential sound of the band.  With songs like “Charlatan”...

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The KVB Discuss Berlin and Soviet Era Vinyl, Among Other Influences

Berlin Fuzz Club Festival Interviews London The KVB

We first met The KVB at Bad Vibrations gigs and house parties in East London. We'd be lounging around in warehouses bellowing with shoegaze and cigarette smoke, with cans of Red Stripe littered around a floor of ash and fur coats. The KVB’s Kat Day would be dressed in black leather mini skirts and towering heels with her white cheeks and red lips bobbing out under a dark fringe. A friend would comment that he always envied Nick Wood - her bandmate and boyfriend - as he plays the coolest music and has the hottest girlfriend. Now based in Berlin, and with the release of their third album Mirror...

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Psych, Fuck, Punk & Dada with Henrik Bjornsson from Singapore Sling

Fuzz Club Releases Iceland Interviews New Music Singapore Sling

    Singapore Sling was born out of love and hate. Love for rock’n’roll and hatred for the majority of music that was around at the time. It was formed by Henrik Bjornsson back in 2000 in the beauty and darkness of Reykjavik, Iceland. Today Singapore Sling are renowned as one of the founding figures in the ballooning psych scene, where they keep things grounded with their garage-heavy, blues-tinged, whisky-breathed, psych fuck rock‘n’roll.    Nathan J Barrett interviewed Henrik ahead of the release of their 8th album. The name really says it all but we thought we’d find out more. Can...

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Nightmares and Atmospheres: The Underground Youth talk about Haunted

Fuzz Club Releases Interviews The Underground Youth UK Videos

  For those that are fairly new to the Underground Youth, can you give us a background of the band? I started writing and recording music back in 2008, raw lo-fi bedroom recordings using really basic recording equipment. I named the project The Underground Youth after the title of one of those early tracks and made the albums of material available for free online. It continued in this way, releasing a couple of albums a year, until I was contacted in 2011 by what would become Fuzz Club Records. The intention was to release my latest self-released album (Delirium) on vinyl...

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