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It's Autumn again for The Orange Revival

Fuzz Club Releases Sweden The Orange Revival

Swedish psychedelic wanderers, The Orange Revival, sauntered onto the international psych stage in 2011 with their sold out debut album, Black Smoke Rising, followed by shows at Austin Psych Fest that wooed crowds with their 60s hypnotic flavour. Now with the release of their new album, Futurecent, and a US tour kicking off this week, they’re ready to cement their position in the ever-growing international psych scene. We caught up with frontman Eric Strand about where they’re headed. Since Black Smoke Rising the band has been writing and touring extensively, so many of the new tracks on Futurecent have actually been on rotation for quite...

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Drugged, Robbed and Held at Gunpoint: On Tour with The Orange Revival

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Eric Strand from The Orange Revival shares their best tour stories... “There are a lot of good and weird memories! We got drugged and robbed while sleeping outside in Spain. They took all the phones but they left our guitars. They had taken the guitars out of the cases and put them nicely on the ground in front of us, together with our passports.  "They had also carried our guitarist Felix away, to a park next to the one we were sleeping in, and put him on a bench there. When he woke up, he had no clue where he was so he...

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