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The Provocative Art of The Underground Youth's Olya Dyer

Olya Dyer The Underground Youth Visual Art

"Since I was a child there was always something on my mind I had to say but couldn’t find the right words to describe. Or something I saw in my dreams that I couldn’t forget and it stayed with me for days or even weeks." The captivating visions manifested from the mind of Russia native Olya Dyer have provided stimulating optic accompaniment for many of London's best rock and roll gigs, and art direction for The Underground Youth. As a designer and also the drummer for The Underground Youth, Olya has merged her creative energy into a force that reflects...

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Under The Arches In Photos

10000 Russos Fuzz Club Events Gum Takes Tooth Rats on Rafts The Underground Youth Tren Go! Sound System Under The Arches Younghusband

On March 5th Fuzz Club launched a new monthly mini-fest at London Fields Brewhouse in Hackney, bringing together 12 quality independent labels and a lineup of bands to showcase all the best music and vinyl under the expansive psych umbrella. Photographers Lilly Creightmore and Andrea Shamlou were onsite capturing the day.  The label market hosted big and small from the UK, US and Europe including Rocket Recording, Sonic Cathedral, Captured Tracks, Mexican Summer, Slovenly Recordings, Hands In The Dark, Fire Records, Super Fan 99, Fluffer Records, Software Recording Company, Anthology Recordings, and of course Fuzz Club. The lineup kicked off with Fire Records’...

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Acquaint Yourself with The Underground Youth's 'Mademoiselle' on Vinyl

Deluxe Editions Fuzz Club Releases Mademoiselle The Underground Youth Vinyl Vinyl Artwork

Manchester’s The Underground Youth have built an impressive back-catalogue of seven full-length albums showcasing a hazy cocktail of neo-psych, post-punk, shoegaze and chillwave, of which every copy of each album has been long sold out. Now for the first time ever, we're giving their highly sought-after album Mademoiselle a physical release, alongside reissues of their sold out 2013 and 2015 albums The Perfect Enemy For God and Haunted. The story of Mademoiselle is a testament to the power of great music being able to reach an audience, regardless of the fact the artist might be unsigned, underground and almost unheard of. Originally released in 2010...

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Meet the Labels at the Under The Arches Record Label Market

10000 Russos Events Festivals Fuzz Club The Underground Youth Under The Arches

On the 5th of March Fuzz Club are kicking off Under The Arches, a new monthly record label market and live music event showcasing the best of the global psych scene. Held in the railway arches of London Fields Brewhouse, the event promises to be a mecca for lovers of independent music, as it brings together an incredible selection of labels from the US, UK and Europe in a collaborative celebration of the music we love. To take us into the evening there will be a monthly selection of the most exciting local and touring bands playing such as The Underground Youth, Electric Eye, Younghusband, Gum Takes Tooth,...

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The Haunted Enemy For Blog

Album Reviews Fuzz Club Releases The Underground Youth UK Vinyl

With represses of Haunted and The Perfect Enemy For God underway, we discuss how each album fits within The Underground Youth's impressive discography, and take a look at the vinyl artwork for each. Haunted is the seventh LP from Manchester’s The Underground Youth and the latest in an extensive discography that has earned Craig Dyer cult stardom within the underground music community, as well as clocking up millions of listens and a global following. In no way less insatiable than the six records and three EP’s previous to it, Haunted drifts from the neo-psych and folk sensibilities of The Underground Youth’s earlier releases...

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