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Acquaint Yourself with The Underground Youth's 'Mademoiselle' on Vinyl

Deluxe Editions Fuzz Club Releases Mademoiselle The Underground Youth Vinyl Vinyl Artwork

Manchester’s The Underground Youth have built an impressive back-catalogue of seven full-length albums showcasing a hazy cocktail of neo-psych, post-punk, shoegaze and chillwave, of which every copy of each album has been long sold out. Now for the first time ever, we're giving their highly sought-after album Mademoiselle a physical release, alongside reissues of their sold out 2013 and 2015 albums The Perfect Enemy For God and Haunted. The story of Mademoiselle is a testament to the power of great music being able to reach an audience, regardless of the fact the artist might be unsigned, underground and almost unheard of. Originally released in 2010...

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The Haunted Enemy For Blog

Album Reviews Fuzz Club Releases The Underground Youth UK Vinyl

With represses of Haunted and The Perfect Enemy For God underway, we discuss how each album fits within The Underground Youth's impressive discography, and take a look at the vinyl artwork for each. Haunted is the seventh LP from Manchester’s The Underground Youth and the latest in an extensive discography that has earned Craig Dyer cult stardom within the underground music community, as well as clocking up millions of listens and a global following. In no way less insatiable than the six records and three EP’s previous to it, Haunted drifts from the neo-psych and folk sensibilities of The Underground Youth’s earlier releases...

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The Fading Youth Of Dead Rabbits' The Ticket That Exploded

Dead Rabbits Fuzz Club Releases UK Vinyl

We’re very happy to announce the repress of Dead Rabbits’ stunning debut album The Ticket That Exploded, originally released in 2013. Through phaser-heavy production, storming drums and warped keys, The Ticket That Exploded captures the bleak reality of growing up in modern Britain. It’s a record that captures a time and a place, portraying brute honesty and melancholy through a talent for song writing that many artists chase. Fuzzed-up chords ring out seemingly at their own leisure and organs drone on beneath them as frontman Tom Hayes’ frustration and despair pierces through. Looking back on the album, Hayes muses: “If...

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New Stock of Previously Sold Out Vinyl: Singapore Sling, Dead Skeletons & More

Fuzz Club Releases Lucid Dream Singapore Sling The Underground Youth Vinyl

We've just received some stock back from one of our US stockists and it's full of sold out releases! Some of these are fetching very high prices on Discogs so we're lucky to have them back in store. Here they are... The Underground Youth - Low Slow Needle £16 (White Vinyl and Coke Bottle Clear) Dead Skeletons - Buddha Christ £20 The Underground Youth - Delirium £16 Singapore Sling - Never Forever £18 Lucid Dream - Erbistock Mill £16

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Repress of Sonic Jesus's Sold Out Debut Album

Fuzz Club Releases Italy Sonic Jesus Vinyl

Sonic Jesus blew away audiences earlier this year with the unrelenting sonic intensity of their debut album, Neither Virtue Nor Anger, giving the Italian duo near-deity status among psych enthusiasts, and creating a mild frenzy among vinyl collectors. Due to demand, we've repressed the album including a run of deluxe editions. Deluxe editions come with a special edition of Sonic Jesus's Locomotive 7" which is due for release on the same day, 20th November 2015.  A four sided epic of industrial darkness, Neither Virtue Nor Anger rippled through the underground gaining critical acclaim from Consequence of Sound, The Quietus, Drowned In Sound, Clash Music, and Exclaim!...

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