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8mm/a Recording

The Blue Angel Lounge - In Times 2006 - 2010

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Containing both carefully selected demos of their three previous studio albums „The Blue Angel Lounge“ (2008), „Narcotica“ (2010) and „A Sea Of Trees“ (2014) as well as previously unreleased recordings, In Times reflects the coherent work & progress of the band between 2006 und 2012 and offers an unfettered image of the band at its œuvre-peak. 

Tracklisting - 1) Supernova Ending, 2) Cryin’ Shames, 3) Jesus Walks, 4) Son Of the Ocean, 5) Caroline, 6) All These Days, 7) The Man From Nowhere, 8) Nothing At All, 9) What You Got, 10) Leg Dich Zur Ruh, 11) Stella Star, 12) Yeah Track, 13) Street And Exile, 14) Smoke The Roses, 15) In Times, 16) Narcotica, 17) Bewitch My Senses, 18) Torn (Secure Existence), 19) Walls, 20) Caught Crow.