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Kill Your Boyfriend - Killadelica

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Kill Your Boyfriend are a two-piece psych tinged, post-punk outfit formed in 2011 in Venice, Italy. They are Matteo Scarpa on guitar and vocals, and Antonio Angeli on drums. They have released two albums on Shyrec Records, as well as several singles and EPs, including a 10" split with fellow Venetians New Candys in 2015 and they have performed extensively across Europe since their creation.

Recently they released ‘Elizabeth’ as a 7" single on Depths Records (UK). In Killadelica, the focus of the songs shifts from the person being killed, to the killer. It is the band's first album that features female names as track titles, which are taken from real female serial killers.

TRACKLIST: 1. Anula  2. Jean 3. Natasha  4. Nancy 5. Agave 6. Belle 7. Marie 8. Elisabeth 9. Eva 10. Aileen 11. Kathy