One Unique Signal

 Born with insular post-rock aggression from the ashes of tremolo drone experiment Windomn Chikkarah, One Unique Signal have been carving and refining their particular brand of space-kraut post-drone noise-core since 2002.

The latest offering from the experimental noise masters is a collaboration between the three core band members and 20 of their contemporaries, who each designed a piece of music inspired by a single riff.

Much like the process of continuous recreation that its namesake symbolises, the West London group’s third LP, Hoopsnake, devours the seemingly eternal riff and constantly reinvents it to form a series of parallel iterations to the original composition.

The riff was born from a repetitious loop originating from the sessions for their previous LP, the Sonic Boom mastered Aether. The band then recorded two versions of it (one a loud, guitar-driven take, the second a softer synth passage) and shared it with friends and collaborators, inviting each artist to create a corresponding sonic interpretation, which have all been mixed into four separate 10 minute long tracks. 

The result is a seamless meshing of ideas from some of the best minds in the underground music scene - including The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Steven Lawrie of The Telescopes - whose recordings span the weird and wonderful, ranging from ‘home made noise box’ to  ‘Godin Artisan ST II recorded on solar power in a caravan’, to simply ‘lime green guitar.’ The roster of musicians and their various tools and instruments has been documented on the vinyl edition’s printed inner sleeve, and reads like a cross between a tech catalogue and a fantasy novel.

Despite the new process undertaken for Hoopsnake, the methodically exploritive approach is typical to One Unique Signal, as is the feeling of continuity. The group’s Nick Keech explains
“From the very beginning, the Signal mythos has been repetition,.” Fellow band member Byron
Jackson continues “The LP destroys itself, reflects upon the destruction, and is finally recreated,
ready to repeat the process again." Along with fellow member Daniel Davis, the trio also
perform as a part of space rock legends The Telescopes.

Current Location: London, UK

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