RMFTM Radar Men From The Moon


RMFTM, or Radar Men from the Moon, are an instrumental rock band hailing from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The band consists of Glenn Peeters on guitar, Tony Lathouwers on drums, Titus Verkuijlen on bass and Bram van Zuijlen on synths.

Their brand of instrumentalism relies heavily on avant-garde experimentation and draws influence from a wide pool of genres such as kraut, shoegaze, neo-psych, industrial and space rock. Their debut album Echo Forever was released by Fuzz Club in 2013 and saw the band embark on two headline EU tours, as well as appearances at Roadburn Festival, Duna Jam, Freak Valley festival, Desertfest Berlin, and Eindhoven Psych Lab. 

The band released their second studio album Strange Waves Galore in 2014 and Subversive 1 in 2015, which is the first in a triptych of albums due to continue in 2016.

Current Location: Eindhoven (NL)

Website: radarmenfromthemoon.nl

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Contact: mail@fuzzclub.com

Booking Agent NL: bob@lexicon-bookings.com




Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones              Echo Forever                                   Strange Wave Galore