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Fuzz Club’s excavation of the underground has yielded another stellar discovery in coldwave duo Throw Down Bones. Their debut self-titled album (released December 2015 on Fuzz Club) is 8 tracks of instrumental electronica born from experimentation, and according to our iTunes, is our most played album of 2015.

Throw Down Bones' sound dances between minimal rhythms and industrial soundscapes, shadowed by repeating riffs and persistent beats that got the crowds dancing at Liverpool Psych Fest and what Artrocker Magazine called a 'blazing performance' at the Fuzz Club Festival, London.

To create the album, the band’s experimental creative process saw them locked away in their alpine studio for a weeklong jam session, which was harvested for sounds, riffs and effects, from which they built the final tracks alongside Throw Down Bones producer James Aparicio (Mogwai, Spiritualized, Grinderman).

Experimentation is also in the gear used to create the album, which was handmade by the band themselves. They have been making effects pedals, amps and technical curiosities for years for artists such as the UK’s The KVB and The Underground Youth and have now assembled a personalised set up for Throw Down Bones’ own creative explorations.

Their mix of infectious beats layered with traces of Neu!, Gnod and Dead Skeletons, and the raw energy of rock n roll make Throw Down Bones a dark and modern definition of coldwave.

'The duo’s debut album is 8 tracks of thirst- quenching, experimental electronica. It is an experimental masterpiece.' – Artrocker Magazine (UK)

Throw Down Bones will be touring 20 dates across the UK and Europe in February 2016.

Current Location: London, UK and Piedmont, Italy


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Throw Down Bones
Throw Down Bones - Self Titled, Fuzz Club, 2015