A Place To Bury Strangers

New York, USA


Drawing inspiration from shoegaze, classic indie rock, and atmospheric and dark sounds of all stripes, the Brooklyn-based A Place to Bury Strangers is the project of Oliver Ackermann and a rotating cast of support players.

Forming out of the ashes of the like-minded Skywave, the band’s original lineup featured Ackermann, Jay Space, and Jono Mofo. Taking a darker, heavier, and more experimental approach than Skywave, the trio made a splash in 2006, recording and playing gigs with Read Yellow, Bravo Silva, the Funeral Crashers, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

A Place to Bury Strangers’ 2007 self-titled debut album, which was released by Killer Pimp, introduced their sonic assault; they moved to Mute for 2009’s Exploding Head, which honed their songcraft as well as their commitment to beautiful noise.

For the 2012 EP Onwards to the Wall, the band moved in a darker, louder direction reminiscent of its early releases. By the time of 2012’s Worship, A Place to Bury Strangers had trimmed down to the duo of Ackermann and bassist Dion Lunadon, who recorded and produced the album themselves. Drummer Robi Gonzalez also joined the band that year, making his recorded debut on 2015’s propulsive Transfixiation. However, Gonzalez was soon replaced by drummer Lia Simone Braswell, who also performed backing vocals on their fifth full-length album, 2018’s Pinned

Fuzz Club had the pleasure of working with APTBS as part of the Fuzz Club split single series.

Band member:

Oliver Ackermann – Guitars. Vox.
Dion Lunadon – Bass. Vox
Lia Braswell – Drums. Vox