Acid Baby Jesus

Hailing from the same ancient metropolis as Socrates, Plato and somehow Tommy Lee, Acid Baby Jesus are one of Athens’ best recent exports. Formed in 2009 they’ve released two full length albums, one self-titled in 2011, which secured them a spot at Austin Psych Fest alongside a smothering of media praise, including Pitchfork who said the album was ‘absolutely killer, so do yourself a favour and listen.’

The second album, Selected Recordings, was released in 2014 and was preceded by an appearance on our Reverb Conspiracy compilation Volume II.

With an obvious interest in the history of music, their style merges various influences from the Greece’s folk music roots, to western low-fi garage fuzz, all expressed with a sultry 60s swagger.

With a name like Acid Baby Jesus, you may be forgiven for expecting a quasi-religious commune, and although this can’t be entirely ruled out, they’re also a serious and hardworking band who have toured extensively across Europe, America, Asia and Australia, including supporting Black Lips across their tour of the US.

The five piece – who describe their music as ‘magical’ and being born from a fear of being ‘beige’ – are a lurid cacophony of blissful psychedelia.