HEATERS is Nolan Krebs, Joshua Korf, Ryan Hagan and Ben Taber.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based band got their start in 2014 – a year which saw the band make some tremendous leaps, spewing out a handful of homespun EPs, split records, and an appearance on Stolen Body’s Vegetarian Meat psych compilation. Their first EP, Solstice, was released on Dizzybird Records. Brooklyn-based psych label Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records released a 7″ at the beginning of 2015, “Mean Green”, as well as the band’s debut full-length long-player, “Holy Water Pool” in September.

The group has drawn acclaim across the globe for their spacey, driving take on West Coast psych rock. Tapping into both the twang of their ‘60s garage compatriots and building their own brand of expansive, cosmic swells, Pitchfork calls the band “catchy and kinetic,” noting their “energy and hook writing are clearly on point.” Combining a seemingly constant output of “reverb-coated, fuzz-studded, hard-driven garage psych” with a kaleidoscopic, hip-shaking live set, HEATERS are quickly forging something new and exciting.

Michigan, USA