Singapore Sling

Henrik Bjornsson says that Singapore Sling was born out of love and hate. Love of various music from the past, mainly rock´n´roll, and hatred of the majority of the music around him. He had been making it for some years when he decided to form a band to play it live. That was for similar reasons.  He named the band Singapore Sling (after the film by Nikolai Nikolaidis) shortly before their first show which was in the fall of 2000 (which is officially when the band started). The first proper record, The Curse of Singapore Sling, they released in 2002. They named it “The Curse of” because of bad luck and freaky incidents that surrounded the recording of the record. The curse went on and so did they. They played all over the place and released a bunch of records with a bunch of different labels.

They still tour once in a while and continue to make new records, although they like to keep a low profile. Never Forever was released on vinyl by Fuzz Club Records in 2013 and “The Tower Of Foronicity” in 2014 also that on Fuzz Club Records.