The Black Ryder

The Black Ryder began writing the songs that would appear on The Door Behind The Door not long after finishing their acclaimed debut Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride in 2009. Engineered by Von Ryper and produced by he and Nash, The Door Behind The Door began to take shape soon after the band left Australia to tour America in 2010.

Says vocalist / songwriter Aimee Nash “Since releasing our first record we left Australia, toured America, relocated to Los Angeles, all the while trying to find our feet & get somewhat settled enough to write & produce this record. It also took some time to find the right scenario for releasing our music as well.”

Since the release of ‘Buy The Ticket’…The Black Ryder have toured & opened for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Primal Scream, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Broken Social Scene, The Charlatans, & The Raveonettes. Nash and Von Ryper’s iconoclastic collective proves as hard to pigeonhole as it is easy to love. Rolling Stone included Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride in its “50 Best Albums of the year”, praising its “sprawling, slow-burning psych rock that paints creeping moods with layer upon layer of droney, blissed-out guitars and ethereal vocals…This is the perfect accompaniment to slowly losing your mind (in the best possible way). Don’t come looking for big chorus or bubblegum blurts – just settle in for the long, blissed-out ride.”